Four Pound Homework

During our last Doctors visit, we found out that I didn’t gain any weight and that I almost lost 1 pound. This does not mean I’m stick thin. It’s the total opposite of that. In fact, days before we found out I was pregnant, my husband and I weighed ourselves and we made a pact—I would lose 20 pounds and he would lose 30. An iPad Pro or a trip to Japan was on the line. I was probably in the worst shape I’ve ever been.

So, you can imagine the cognitive dissonance I experienced when the doctor ordered us to gain weight.

The books and sites say that it’s normal to not gain any weight or to even lose weight during the first trimester (because of the nausea and toilet-hugging). The second trimester is when your appetite should start increasing steadily. Many of my Mom friends tell me that the second trimester is fun because: (1) the nausea and vomiting goes away and (2) you can start having fun eating for two!

I’m on my 16th week and 2nd day, and while I can happily report that there are less nausea, dizziness, and headache incidences, I still don’t have that ravenous appetite that I keep hearing about. In fact, I often find myself walking from one end of the campus to the other trying to find something appealing for lunch. Can’t the baby just absorb all of the fat that’s already lying around in my body? Hahaha.

Anyhoo, my Mother-in-law commands that we listen to our doctor and if she says eat, EAT! So, yesterday, after a very disappointing lunch of Ilonggo “beef” adobo meal from the canteen, I was determined to make up for it by having a really good dinner. When Mikey picked me up from work, I told him that I was really hungry and that I wanted to eat Ravioli.

So we went to SM MOA (where restaurants go to die) and had a very early dinner at the Bistro Ravioli. It was disappointing. The sauce was watery and there were holes in my ravioli so the filling got soggy. Plus, unlike their branch in Glorietta, they did not offer a complimentary bread basket at the beginning of the meal.

We started walking around after dinner and I remembered that there was a Café Breton in MOA! It was heavenly! ❤ I’m so glad that the MOA curse has not hit them yet! I ordered my regular Le Magnifique crepe (left) and Mikey got a Butter and Sugar with Lemon crepe (right).

I enjoyed mine, but I liked Mikey’s more. When we both had about a fourth of our crepes left, I asked if we could exchange (with puppy dog eyes). Mikey hesitated but said okay (actually it was: “okay, but yours will make you gain weight more because of all the whipped cream! But if you want mine, you can have it…).

I felt bad about taking his food so I took back my request and finished my own crepe. He ended up giving me half of his remaining crepe anyways (Mikey: see, in the end, you still win). Hehe. 😀

I believe that this calls for a repeat engagement! See you all in Café Bretoooooooon! ❤

Oh! Oh! Squishy’s ears are developing this week! ❤ ❤ ❤ I am no longer allowed to speak ill of Mikey because Squishy can actually hear it now (ex: “Papoop loves his new iPad more than us” OR “Squishy, please pee on Papoop’s iPad when you come out”). So maybe I’ll write it all down in this blog instead.


4 thoughts on “Four Pound Homework

  1. when my dad needed to gain weight when he was still running half-marathons, his nutritionist told him to eat a scoop of vanilla ice cream every night. maybe you can try that! 🙂 -camille


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