Easter Eggs

It finally happened! I vomited on Thursday, March 24.

It was the second day of our Easter Holiday and Mikey made a grand breakfast of bacon, omelet, and garlic rice.

I woke up early that day and I had my usual mug of Enfamama. Then I took my new prenatal vitamins.

When Mikey called me for breakfast, I waddled to the dining table and helped myself to rice, two strips of bacon, and a scoop of omelet. I started with a bite of bacon and then I had a spoonful of rice and eggs. I started chewing very slowly. Something did not feel right. It was confusing because my brain liked the food but my stomach was protesting. I went cold all over, started ignoring Mikey, and became really focused on the chewing.

*chew *chew*chew*chew*

And then suddenly, a voice from far, far away called out to me: “are you okay? Are you okay? Oh my gosh! Are you going to vomit?!”

And then it hit me: YES. Yes, I was going to vomit.

I nodded quickly and Mikey yelled with a mouthful of food: “Not here! Run to the bathroom!”

So I waddled to the master’s bathroom, sat on the floor in front of the toilet, and unleashed what seemed like the free egg soup they used to serve in my high school cafeteria.

I emerged from the bathroom a changed woman—a woman who was mad at eggs and one who could not claim that her pregnancy was vomit-free.

I was so worried about vomiting again that I avoided food.

…Until dinnertime when I was really, really hungry. Hahaha. We had a large Dear Darla Pizza because it seemed appealing. I think I ate half the box.

I realized that I vomited because I had taken the vitamin on a somewhat empty stomach (the box said to take it after meals). So now, I’m easing into it. We borrowed a pill cutter from my Mother-in-law, and I take half the vitamin in the morning after my first meal and half the vitamin after dinner. I really, really should read instructions more often. 😅

So this was the highlight of my Easter holiday! It was nice to take it easy and sleep in! I’m still waiting for the second trimester energy boost and all the wonderful eating that comes along with it!



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