First Trimester Review

I’m officially on my 15th week now! Yay! This is day 1, so there’s not much I can say about the second trimester. But I’m holding on to hope and praying that it’s everything everyone says it will be. ❤

Bye, first trimester! You were a doozy, but amazing and magical at the same time. Squishy was made known through you, and for that, we thank you. ❤

Here are a couple of things that have helped me through my first trimester (aka my survival kit):

  1. Pillows in a variety of sizes and with a variety of fluffiness. I used about five pillows: a feathered pillow, one of those pillows that expand when you remove the bag, an old fashioned hard pillow, a hot dog pillow, and our R2D2 throw pillow. It’s like playing Tetris every night to see which arrangement will make the most sense for my aching back.
  1. Organic bug repellent. We had so many kinds! Sprays, lotions, and oils. I had a few of my own and my mother-in-law sent us a bunch. Trying to keep the creepy crawlies and the flying spaghetti monsters away. I realized that this was mostly for our peace of mind. If I can do something that will make me worry less, I should just do it. Worrying is not worth it when you’re sleep deprived.
  1. Tiger Sahara water jug. I would often describe the first trimester as constantly feeling like you’ve exercised for the first time in years (even if you were just in bed all day). That meant I was always thirsty (which also meant I always needed to pee, hehe). This water jug that my mother-in-law lent us was a life saver. It stays ice cold for over 24 hours and it’s handy enough to bring everywhere.
  1. iPad Mini. My husband got me an iPad Mini last year for Christmas: “if we end up pregnant next year, you’ll never buy yourself one”. Although, I think he really just wanted to replace my ailing iPad 3 (I started squatting on his iPad because the games were lagging on mine). But it has been such a life saver. There were days when I couldn’t go to work because I felt so sick. But I never missed a beat because my iPad was right beside me. I could send lengthy emails in bed and I had less reason to bring my laptop with me to work every day (even if I had a meeting). Also, I could play all my games without the lagging problem. Hehe.
  1. A bag full of mints (Fox, Halls, and Ricola). During the earlier parts of my first trimester, I would often feel sick in cars and at night. I found that one way to keep the sea sickness at bay was to suck on a mint. I tried looking for round peppermints, but they only had candy canes and I couldn’t really suck on a candy cane at work.
  1. Aquaphor and Aveeno bath oils. I had really dry skin early on. These really helped me un-prune myself. Everything is pretty much back to normal, although there are some new dry (and itchy) patches around my expanding belly. I’ve started using Kirkland’s hydrocortisone cream with moisturizer and that works pretty well too!
  1. Enfamama. My mother-in-law sent me boxes of chocolate Enfamama and after our last doctor’s visit, I realized that it’s probably saved me from losing more weight. In our last doctor’s visit, I lost almost a pound and I was instructed to gain 4 pounds in a month. I told the doctor that I was drinking Enfamama and she said that I could continue, especially if I didn’t have an appetite. Enfamama was actually created as a meal replacement. I was drinking it for breakfast when I didn’t have the appetite for anything else.
  1. Vicks Vaporub and Precious Pillow. One of the more challenging things that I had to give up was my anti-histamines. Although the doctor did say I could take one when it was really bad, she said to try more natural methods first (drinking plenty of fluids, removing allergens from our home, etc.). After we cleaned our home and vacuumed our bed, I was still pretty stuffy at night. One thing that really brought relief was my husband’s macho face massages where he would rub Vicks Vaporub all over my face and massage my sinuses. Then, he would microwave our precious pillow and gently place it on my forehead. I was Radioactive Mintman every night. On really special nights, he would also grab our Messy Bessy Muscle Relief Rub, work it in through my hair, and give me a head massage. And when my back was especially achy, he would use it on my back too.
  1. Wheely bag. A good friend of mine let us borrow her wheely bag when she found out I was pregnant. I’ve been using it almost every day for work! I put everything in it! My laptop (when I need to bring it), my water jug, my lunch, iPad, books, documents, and whatever else I needed for the day. It really saved my back from a lot of pain. Even though the secretaries keep asking me what time my flight is. Hehe. It was also really useful to get a small, light-weight shoulder bag for easy access to my phone and wallet!
  1. Mikey <3. I am now in awe of all single mothers who choose or have to do this alone. I can’t imagine going through this hormonal roller coaster without my husband. Who would get the chores done? Who would make sure I get fed even when I had zero appetite? Who would make me Enfamama every morning? Who would give me macho face massages? Who would give up PS4 time when I’m extra clingy and I just want a warm body in bed with me? Who would stroke my hair and hug me while I cry hysterically because of a stupidly predictable BPI commercial? Who else would be silly enough to talk to Squishy through my bulging belly? For me, this whole pregnancy thing is definitely not a one man job.

Thank you, first trimester! Now I’m excited to find out Squishy’s gender and to feel his/her kicks. ❤


2 thoughts on “First Trimester Review

  1. So you wont juggle with so many pillows, get a body pillow. They have these kinds that curve so it kinda hugs you on one side and papoop can take care of the other side 🙂

    Im curious about these “spaghetti monsters”…are these really gigantic mutant roaches or something? 😱


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