The great and the hairy

We had our 3 ½ month check-up last Friday! Every time we have a check-up, I become a little anxious. I pray and I hope that everything is okay.

Our first two check-ups involved trans-vaginal ultrasounds and our second one included a urinalysis and a blood test. Waiting for test results always makes me a little nervous. Thankfully, everything was okay and in our 2 ½ month check-up, the Doctor cleared us and told us to enjoy the rest of our pregnancy.

Our last check-up was the first that didn’t involve any tests. It was like coming by to talk to a friend and telling her how things were going so far. The check-up began with hellos and how are yous. And then the Doctor escorted me to her little examination room and whipped out her Doppler to listen to the baby’s heartbeat. During our second visit, she said that we would just try to catch the heartbeat, but at that point (10 1/2 weeks), the baby might have been too small for the Doppler to pick it up. But when we tried, we heard Squishy’s loud heartbeat! We were so happy!

This time around, there was no disclaimer. The Doctor fully expected to hear the heartbeat at 14 ½ weeks. When I got on the bed, I was a bit worried but excited at the same time. It’s pretty magical to hear your baby’s heartbeat! ❤ The Doppler was kind of acting up though—it was extra static-y and the Doctor told her nurse to have it scheduled for repair. It took a good 3-4 minutes before we heard the loud constant thump-thump-thump-thump. We were so relieved! My husband has a video of the whole thing and you can hear his sigh of relief when the Doctor finally announced that there was a heartbeat. We should really learn to relax more.

Here’s the audio of Squishy’s heartbeat:

❤ ❤ ❤ All is well.

Well, all that is truly important is well. The Doctor wouldn’t give me a medical certificate clearing me to get waxed. Huhu. So, I’m still a man. Over the weekend though, I put on a dress and painted my nails just to remind my husband (and myself) that I’m a still a girl.

Oh! And the Doctor gave us some interesting homework: gain 4 pounds by our next appointment. More on this later. My husband is very excited.


3 thoughts on “The great and the hairy

  1. Heehee ❤️ One of my happy day songs called “Heartbeat” by Tahiti 80 started playing in my head after I heard the clip.

    Also, Banzai na! To close the gap on those 4 precious pounds! 🍲


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