Squishy’s Mansion

Over the weekend, my husband and I enjoyed our newly vacuumed bed (thank you Mom!) and the new sheets (thank you Mommy!) we laid out. We spent most of the weekend watching movies, reading, or iPad-ing in bed. After lunch, I was wearing these amazingly comfortable granny panties that my mom had gotten me (3 for P100! But the odd colors make me look like Jollibee) and a camisole that made me look like Winnie the Pooh.

The camisole kept rising up, baring my belly. My husband noticed that there was a distinct riseΒ from what used to be my pelvic bones and my very round belly. He said: “this is new!” πŸ˜‘

Defensive, I told him that it was because I just had lunch and that it would become smaller after. πŸ˜₯ I hid under the blanket. He prodded me to come outΒ by telling me that it was a good thing! I was building Squishy’s mansion (mansion talaga no? Not even house). He then proceeded to describe the different parts of the mansion. Here’s what the architect came up with:


πŸ˜‘ Oh well. At least you got to live in a Mansion at least once, Squishster! Hehe. πŸ˜…

New song added to the Squishy Playlist: Electric Love by BØRNs! ❀


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