Mirror Mirror

I wake up and my fingers feel fatter. My rings still fit, but for some reason, they feel fatter.

I get up slowly (drastically different from how I used to zoom out of bed) to avoid getting dizzy or nauseated.

My husband and I switched bedsides so that I could be closer to the bathroom. So now, when I get up, the first thing I see is the full length mirror lining our closest wall.

Usually dressed in an over sized shirt, I feel frumpier than ever. I’m fuller EVERYWHERE. My face feels fuller and for some reason, my nose seems bigger. 😓

I guess it also doesn’t help that I’ve been declined by my usual waxing salons. So I’m growing a forest on my forehead, legs, and, well…um…my underarms. 😅 I need to wait until I can get a doctor’s certificate to get my regular waxing procedures done and our next Doctor’s visit is in about a week or so.

While I’m really lucky that my closet was already full of over sized clothes (even when I was a medium, I would prefer to buy clothes that were sized large or extra large), I sometimes feel sad that what used to be loose fitting outfits now fit just right. Also, I traded my heels for pseudo Toms from Rubi. So, not only am I frumpy, but I’m also shorter.  😁

And while most claim (I don’t) that pregnancy is the pinnacle of womanhood, I feel like the least womanly and feminine person in the world. I’m basically a hairy dude with a high voice and a big belly. 👨🏻

On the days I feel really bad about how I look, I tell my husband that I’m sure we’re going to have a boy. There’s an old wives’ tale in our country that says that when an expectant mother is blooming/glowing, she’s going to have a girl. When she’s the opposite of blooming/glowing (I suppose that would be wilting?), she’s going to have a boy. I’ve been told not to worry and that I should start blooming any day now. Any. Day. Now. 😑

Maybe I should start shopping for those long flow-y SLEEVED dresses so that I can start feeling like a lady again. Hahaha.

My Husband is the sweetest though. He’ll tell me every day how beautiful and sexy he thinks I am. And when I ask him about my bulging belly, he would reply: “what belly?” Such a sweet liar. ❤️


One thought on “Mirror Mirror

  1. Sending you giant hugs! I’m sure your dear sweet husband is right, even if you feel super unladylike! ❤️ Wish I were there!!!


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