Hello from the other siiiiiiiiiiide!

I woke up last Friday and I had more energy than I ever did since I found out I was with Squishy. My husband commented that it seemed like I was feeling better (I think it was because I was teasing him all morning). And I realized that I did! I wasn’t dizzy and the thought of food didn’t make me want to throw up. The aches and pains were not at the forefront of my mind. I felt like my old self again!

Hello, Second Trimester! Is this you and all your wonderful glory? 😀

I felt so good over the weekend that my husband and I got to go around the mall a little bit. We needed to buy a present for our nephew’s son’s christening (we became granduncles and grandaunts before we were parents). They really like Mother Care, so we decided to go to their big store in BGC. As soon as we got in, my husband started geeking out over all the strollers, car seats, and toys. It was the same kind of enthusiasm he has when he enters an Apple store.  It was very fun to watch. I had to keep reminding him that we were not there for someone else and not Squishy. Hehe.

It wasn’t just him though. After visiting the store, I realized how many things we needed to buy! My girlfriends advised me not to get the smaller things yet (bath items, clothes, and toys) because we may get those during our baby shower. But there are a few big ticket items that require research: the crib/playpen, the stroller, and the car seat.

My husband is pickier about the stroller and the car seat so I didn’t even bother researching about that. I took on the cribs. Divide and conquer!

The wooden cribs we saw in Mother Care were so beautiful. Expensive, but beautiful! If I were just buying for aesthetic purposes, I would totally get a wooden crib. But getting a playpen seems to be more practical. And my husband and I think that it’s super cute when babies smoosh their faces on the net of the playpen.

If we were in the States though, it would be a totally different ball game. They have so many affordable choices! The dream is the Da Vinci Kalani crib. Check it out!! It’s about $200 only and it grows with your child! It transforms into a full-sized bed! And it’s beautiful!!! Sigh, if only shipping wouldn’t cost and arm and a leg.


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