Squishy, he *is* your father.

My favorite food has always been pasta and sushi. If I was sad, I would always treat myself it a large order of pasta or an order of spicy tuna sashimi. It would always make me feel better.

When I got pregnant, I had to give up sushi and for some reason, I wasn’t really into pasta. My husband made pasta for me once or twice, but after eating it once, it would make me feel queasy afterwards.

The food that has been comforting and that hasn’t really made me sick are foods that I normally don’t crave for—rice and burgers.  Food that my husband normally likes!

When I’m feeling queasy, one of the few sure things that I will enjoy eating is a cheese burger (even if it’s just from McDonald’s). Last night, my mother-in-law asked me where I felt like eating and I shyly suggested burgers. So we ate at 8cuts in Serendra. When my in-laws arrived, they all guessed that my husband chose the place because it was very typical of him. I guess now it’s Squishy food too. :-S

When I lived alone, I would cook rice maybe once a week (twice at most) and usually because my Husband would come over for a meal. But lately, I’ve been eating a lot of rice. As long as the ulam isn’t particularly pungent or oily (I’ve enjoyed sinigang and roast chicken), I’m able to have a cup or more rice in one serving. And it’s not really about the ulam—it’s about the rice. I keep telling my husband that the rice tastes so good. Shout out to my Mom who sent us over really nice white rice!

It’s pretty clear that this Squishy I’m carrying isn’t all me. Hehe.

While I’m still adjusting to this new diet, I am amazed that my husband and I made something that’s equal parts him and equal parts me (and 100% Squishy)! ❤ I’m pretty lucky because I’m over the moon in love with the man I married. I’m excited to see how Squishy turns out in a couple of months! ❤


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