Cryfest 2016

I’d like to believe that I’ve stayed fairly rational during the first two months of my pregnancy. But there have been some bouts of uncontrollable crying. Pretty harmless, mostly. And always funny to look back on. Here’s a list of things that has made me cry:

  • Pooping at SM BF. Towards the end of the holiday season, we were invited to our aunt’s house for a post-holiday lunch. Midway into lunch, my stomach started grumbling like crazy. Nature was calling. My husband was having fun with his nephews, so I didn’t say anything for about two hours. At some point, he asked me if I was still okay. I told him that my tummy hurt and I needed to use the bathroom. He pointed towards the guest bathroom, but I told him that I was too shy to poop there (this was the first time I was meeting them). He asked me if it was okay to leave at 4 and I said that it was fine. At around 4 PM, things had died down and he announced that we were leaving. The car ride to the mall, he was giving me such a hard time about not wanting to use the toilet in the house. I explained to him that I was shy and that I wasn’t comfortable going there. And he kept saying he didn’t understand. When we got to the mall, I did my business and then I confronted him. While sobbing uncontrollably, I told him that it wasn’t fair that he was treating me like that—like I was high maintenance. And that if he thought of everything that I have ever done for him, he should know by now that I’m the least high maintenance person in the world. He was so shocked that I was crying and he tried to apologize in between giggles. Which made me cry and yell some more. All of this happened in the middle of the mall. A few weeks later, we found out I was pregnant and the clouds lifted.
  • Coffee at home. The week we found out I was pregnant, I had to give up coffee. Cold turkey. It was painful. At that time, I still had 7:30 AM classes twice a week and students would walk into the room with designer coffee. One morning, my husband had an early morning and made himself a cup of coffee. When I stepped outside of our bedroom, I smelled the roasty goodness and I felt like I was cheated out of something. Understanding my pregnancy hormones more, I spared my husband from the irrational tears and cried in the bathroom.
  • Cracker-less home. My husband had work during our first weekend after the Doctor ordered me to go on semi-house arrest. I stayed home while he went to work and ran a couple of errands. I asked him to buy me crackers and pantiliners, but he came home without it. He figured he could leave again to buy it. At that point, I was so lonely at home that I didn’t want him to leave again. But I was also irrationally disappointed about not having my crackers that I pretended to nap when I was really sobbing.
  • The Blue Planet. I knew that I was already hormonal, so I tried to skip the dramas and watch comedies and happier shows. We recently got Netflix and I’ve been watching Everybody Loves Raymond, The Office, and Chuck. One evening, I decided to watch a documentary series about the ocean called Blue Planet. At first I was having so much fun. Marine life always fascinated me. But then there was this part where a Mama humpback whale was swimming with its new calf and then a group of killer whales started hunting them. After six hours of trying to lose them, the calf finally got tired and the killer whales got to him. </3 I sobbed uncontrollably to my husband’s amusement.
  • Celebrate the Changes. I’m really lucky to have a lot of Mommy friends. By chance or need, I actually ended up telling my Mommy friends about Squishy first and it’s great to pick their brains on certain things. One Mommy friend sent me this video:

I showed the video to my husband and I promised him that it was a cryfest. He watched and was like: Um, okay. That’s nice, Love. -.-

  • Yeng Constantino. The whole Manny Pacquiao incident was emotional at best. I was sad, angry, and a little hopeless. But there’s one response that made me cry like a baboon without a banana–Yeng Constantino’s video blog.

It was honest, refreshing, and kind. Her ministry of reconciliation is inspiring. ❤

But apart from these isolated episodes, there’s a lot of joy in our little home. ❤ Squishy came earlier than expected and we have SO MUCH we need to figure out, but we’re inexplicably happy!

Here’s something that made Papoop cry:

Squishy is a bajillion times bigger since the last time I saw him/her! ❤

We were so happy that we got to see you again, Squishables! ❤ You have arms, legs, a face, and a spine! Your heartbeat is great and you were quite energetic and dramatic (we spotted you in a “woe is me!” position).

And the best thing ever? The subchorionic hemmorage is gone! ❤ Our Doctor told us that everything was fine and that we should enjoy the rest of the pregnancy! 😀 All systems go, Squishmeister! ❤


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