Manny Pacquiao

Dear Squishy,

The world that you will to be born into is a broken world. I’m sorry for that. I’m sure that everyone is somehow responsible for its brokenness. And that includes me and your Papoop.

As a social scientist, I am trained to be interested in brokenness—how it happened, what contributed to it, what exacerbates it, and how it can be fixed. And the answers are always so complicated, with a million shades of grey and rainbow.

I can’t promise to find the answers for you in my lifetime, my Squishy.  But in the midst of all this brokenness, there is always, ALWAYS, room to act in love, kindness, and compassion. We forget sometimes, but we will try to remind you.


Your Landlord

P.S. I’m sorry for the strange baked macaroni that you’ve had lately. I will try to make Papoop finish it so that we don’t have to have it again.


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