I’m Mr. Burns.

The first few changes I experienced with Squishy were:

  1. Unexplainable fatigue and sleepiness
  2. Boobs on fire
  3. Desert dry skin

There was nothing I could really do about the first two symptoms except for sleep and go bra-less for about a week. But the dry skin was really becoming a problem.

For some people, they say they start to breakout or they become oilier. I went the other direction. My legs were cracky, I had rough patches all over my arms, I had dry patches on my face, and my lips were constantly peeling.

If it was just a matter of looking strange, I wouldn’t mind. But the dryness was itchy and it was starting to disrupt my sleep. Now, on my 10th week, my skin is much better. I don’t know if it was just a phase and that I would have naturally bounced back from, but here are a couple of things I did that may have helped:

  1. Shorter, less frequent baths. I used to take a bath at least twice a day—once in the morning and once in the evening. After reading a few articles online about pregnancy related skin dryness, many suggested shorter, less frequent baths. Now, I only allow myself to bathe once a day in the morning, and I just wipe up at night. Also, I started patting my skin dry with the towel instead of vigorous wiping.
  2. Aquaphor is like petroleum jelly on steroids. We discovered this in our last trip to the states from our favorite CVS <3. My husband has chronically dry feet and after using it for a week, his feet were noticeably smoother and softer. I started using aquaphor on my legs and arms and lips and you could really see the results in a day or two!
    Best. Thing. Ever.


  3. Cling wrap. My legs were the worst part of my body. They were so cracky and itchy that they started blistering (I couldn’t help but scratch at night). I learned this trick a few years back when I met with a dermatologist about less severe dry skin problems. He gave me ointment and told me to put it on my legs, wrap it with cling wrap, and leave it overnight. I thought it couldn’t hurt to try it again. So I slathered my legs with Aquaphor and wrapped it with cling wrap for an entire day. And tada! My legs were visibly better the next day!

    I used a generic brand though. Hehe.
  4. Bath oils. We always have a lot of body wash at home. My husband loves body wash. He spends hours smelling and choosing the perfect body wash at SNR and the groceries. When I told my mother-in-law that my skin was so dry (even before we told her that we were with Squishy), she sent over a bottle of Aveeno bath oil. I took a break from our body wash library and switched exclusively to this bath oil. It smells like oatmeal and it’s very silky! After you step out of the shower, you take the silkiness with you!

    It may seem kind of expensive at first (almost P500 in SNR). But I started off with half a bottle and I still have a lot leftover!

Our next ultrasound and OB visit is in two days. We hope everything is okay with you, Squishables! ❤ Maybe this time Papoop can see you too. Hehehe.


One thought on “I’m Mr. Burns.

  1. […] Aquaphor and Aveno bath oils. I had really dry skin early on. These really helped me un-prune myself. Everything is pretty much back to normal, although there are some new dry (and itchy) patches around my expanding belly. I’ve started using Kirkland’s hydrocortisone cream with moisturizer and that works pretty well too! […]


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