RMS Titanic

I’m on an imaginary boat 40% of the day. I don’t know when the boat will come or what triggers it–it doesn’t seem to have a proper schedule (which irritates the heck out of me).

At first I thought my “morning” sickness happened at night. The first time I felt dizzy and vomit-y, it was about 8PM and I was already in bed. While it was unpleasant, I thought it was perfect because it meant that my work hours would remain uninterrupted. But after a few days, the boat would start picking me up at its convenience. 😦

I guess I’m lucky because the waves (yup, I’m sticking to this metaphor) aren’t at typhoon levels yet. At best, it’s a like a breezy day on the beach and I’m in a large salbabida. At worst, it’s a breezy day on the beach and I’m on a speedboat.

Apart from feeling tired and unfocused, the most challenging part about the boat is that it makes me lose my appetite.  When I’m feeling this way, the thought of food makes me feel sicker. And if there are foods that don’t make me feel sick, it’s not the best food (nutrition wise) for Squishy.

Here’s a list of some of the meals I’ve had on the boat:

  • Midnight quarter pounder with cheese meal and chicken nuggets from McDonald’s
  • Johnsonville hotdog with rice from FamilyMart
  • Hotshots with mashed potatoes and chicken macaroni salad from KFC
  • Toasted spam with banana ketchup and rice
  • “Sushi” in the form of Japanese rice with vinegar and sugar, canned tuna, and Japanese mayo
  • Extra spicy and garlicky fresh lumpia from my Mom
  • Kraft’s Microwavable mac and cheese
  • Cantonese Kitchen’s shrimp wanton on mystery yellow rice
  • Chicken adobo with rice and orange juice from our canteen

The problem is, after I have something, I can’t have it again. Yesterday morning, my husband was offering me a spam sandwich for breakfast and I felt queasy just thinking about it.

Oh well.

Also, I’m not blooming. I look like wilted cabbage. I think this means we’re having a boy.

On the bright side, I keep reading that morning sickness is a sign of healthy pregnancy! So if all of this boat riding means that Squishy is growing well, then it’s all worth it! ❤



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