Read the instructions kasi.

It was Thursday, January 7, 2016.

Earlier that day, I was messaging with a friend about how we’ve been off the pill for about a month. But only got off the pill so that I could “clear/restart” my system. We were advised to do this by many people if we were going to start trying in 2016. We were going to *really* start trying later on in the year (maybe after August). I had heard of people who had schedules and positions and we were just doing it the old fashioned way of “Game? Game!”.

My husband had a late meeting that night, so I went home early. I was more tired than usual so I decided to take a bath to wake myself up. On my way to the shower, I noticed the pregnancy test (PT) we got because my last period after the pill was kind of late. I thought to myself: “huh, wouldn’t it be funny if I was pregnant and my husband wasn’t here?”

So, I sat on the toilet and took the test.

Hi Squishy!

My first thought was: “Oh my goodness, what have we done? How are we going to do this? We have no plan!”

And then I ran out of the bathroom to tell someone. Anyone. But I was home alone. So I grabbed my phone and texted my husband.

Hay nako, Globe.

The photo didn’t send, but from the first two messages, he decided to call our landline:

*Ring ring*
Husband: What? What? What is it?
Me: Um…did you get the picture?
Husband: No I didn’t. Oh my gawaaaaaaaad!
Me: Um, so I took a pregnancy test and two lines came out.
Husband: Ohhhh myyyyyyyy!
*giggle giggle giggle*

I don’t remember the rest of the conversation, but he did say that nothing else mattered anymore. He was on his way to a potentially difficult meeting with his business partner and he was a little stressed before I called. I think I ended the conversation by asking him to buy a couple of PTs so that I could take the test again.

When he got home, we hugged and squealed for a bit, but I cut that short so that I could take a second PT. The second line didn’t come out right away (not like the first one). I thought it meant that the first one was a false positive. I was devastated. I threw the test away and asked if he could buy some more.

My poor husband had to leave the house again to buy more tests. The same thing happened to the third one. The second line didn’t come out right away. So I threw it out.

I concluded that there was no baby and my heart was broken. And I would refuse to let my husband console me. After the two negative pregnancy tests, I secretly read some articles about false positives. Most of the articles claimed that false positives were rare, false negatives were more common, and getting a negative result could be due human error. The articles also advised to take the test early in the morning because there are higher levels of human chorionic gonadropin in your urine. So I held on to a little bit of hope. I thought, maybe the first test was positive because it was earlier in the day. I told myself that I would take one more test in the morning to confirm. And that would be that.

When I woke up the next day, I quietly walked to the bathroom with my full bladder, sat down on the toilet, and peed in a cup.

Before I did the test though, I did this revolutionary thing: I read the instructions.

Apparently, you’re supposed to wait 3-5 minutes before the results are conclusive. The last two tests I took, when I saw the first negative band, I threw it away immediately. So this time, I waited. By minute 3, boom! Two distinct red bands! 😀 Hehe. I dug up the two pregnancy tests I threw away in the trash and they had two lines too! I guess I should have read the instructions first. 😀

So that’s how we first found out about Squishy! ❤

It was very Rachel-esque in Friends (when Pheobe tricked her and said the PT was negative just to see how she really felt about being pregnant). When I first found out I was pregnant I was a little scared, but I’d take a little scary over the sadness that I felt when I thought there was no Squishy. (I already fell in love after the first test).

My husband was mad because if I had just read the instructions in the first place, we could have celebrated right away. And we could have saved ourselves from a depressing evening. And from buying more PTs (they’re very expensive in Mercury Drug–he bought 8 tests). But at least I know how much I want Squishy! ❤ I’ll pay back the P800, Love.

As I write this, I’m on my 7th week. I have a little bloated tummy, I yo-yo from really hungry to everything smells weird, and I’m still experiencing a bit of coffee withdrawals.


3 thoughts on “Read the instructions kasi.

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